Have You Suffered a Work Injury?

Chiropractic Grand Rapids MI Man With Leg Injury On The Job

It is common for people to misunderstand what a work injury is and not realize that a Grand Rapids MI or Lake Odessa MI chiropractor can help them solve the problem. Due to this misunderstanding, they often put off taking corrective measures until the issue has become intolerable. At this point, it can take a great deal of work to correct or be untreatable altogether, so it’s important to recognize when a work injury is happening and seek out treatment from a qualified professional chiropractor as soon as possible.

How A Work Injury Can Occur

Most work related injuries are caused by repetetive stress and overuse. When you go to the gym and a trainer teaches you to lift weights, the most important part of the trainer’s job is teaching you proper form while you lift. It is important for your body that you keep a good posture while lifting weights so you don’t strain muscles while performing the repetetive weight lifting motion to build your muscles.

In the workplace, it is common to perform regular tasks with poor posture for hours at a time. Holding your body in a position it shouldn’t be in for that long, with repetitive motions irritating the situation, can put a lot of stress on your body’s frame. This can happen while sitting at a desk all day typing, working in a warehouse twisting your body as you lift things, or driving a vehicle all day in an uncomfortable position.

While it’s common for posture to be a major issue in these situations, even with correct posture problems can arise from repetitive motions that are hard on your body. Even small tasks can lead to damage over time.

These work injuries can lead to acute or chronic pain that a chiropractor can help identify and then treat.

Some of the most common types of work injuries a professional chiropractor will see include back aches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, slipped or herniated discs, sciatica, and frozen shoulder.

Early Chiropractic Treatment Can Prevent Further Damage

Sometimes, people will start to notice they have a twinge in their back, they feel a bit off, or they have a hint that something may not be right when they finish their work day. At this point, it can be valuable to make an appointment to visit a chiropractor. It may seem unnecessary when you are “not that bad” and want to not sound like you are complaining, but by discussing any concerns you have about your health with a medical professional early on, you can get early treatment for any possible problems and also learn preventative methods to ensure you remain healthy at your work.

In the case of accidents at work or repetetive stress injuries, it is easy for your bone structure to be impacted. The spinal column becoming misaligned is a common source of pain with work related injuries. Your nerves pass through your joints, like your vertebrae. When your joints are not properly aligned, they can put pressure on your nerves. This pressure can cause pain that hurts at the source or travels through your body to be felt elsewhere.

On top of this, the misalignment can affect the natural flow of your body’s blood and oxygen. This can have a major impact on your short term and long term health and should not be underestimated.

When you visit a Grand Rapids MI or Lake Odessa MI chiropractor, they will listen to the problems you’ve been experiencing, perform a thorough evaluation, and discover the source of your issue. Chiropractors have a high success rate with treating acute and chronic work related injuries, especially those that have led to misalignment and pain problems. They can create treatment plants that are non-invasive and lead to long term results toward better health.

Contacting a professional as soon as possible to avoid further damage and find a solution for pain issues is the best plan for your health. By seeking the help of Simple Truth Chiropractic you can get on the path toward a safe and healthy work day.